PZC™ – Lighter, Wider, Stronger

Z-Profiles, with their optimum distribution of material, are the most efficient sheet piling sections available for bending strength. With the interlocks located on the outer fibers of the wall — rather than at the center line, as is the case with Arch or U-Profile sheet piling sections – the wall designer is assured of the published section modulus. The PZC™ Z-Profile is the optimal section for weight and strength, coupled with driveability.

PZC™ profiles are named for their strength in metric designations. For example, PZC 18 has a Section Modulus of 1,800 cm3/meter. PZC™ profiles should always be the designer’s first choice in order to provide the end user a highly efficient ratio of section modulus to weight.

Click here for a full guide to PZC™ steel sheet piling properties.

In projects across the globe, PZC™ sheet piling has been effectively utilized for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Retaining walls
  • River cofferdams
  • Braced excavations
  • Tied bulkheads
  • Bridge abutments
  • Cut-off walls
  • Foundations
  • Levee construction

Ball-and-Socket Interlock

The Ball-and-Socket Interlock continues to be the preferred interlock by piling contractors and engineers. Gerdau PZC™ sheet piling sections are produced with the ball-and-socket interlock at our mill in Petersburg, Virginia.

The advantages of the ball-and-socket interlock are:

  • Most rugged, durable, and flexible interlock available.
  • Ideal for reuse in multiple projects.
  • Higher “buy back/resale” value.
  • Easier setting, driving, and extraction.
  • Highest interlock “T” strength relative to other Z-Profiles.
  • Allows adjustment to wall length by interlock swing/rotation.


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